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Rest of town

Go to a spa or at sea can not afford everything, and once a year may be enough. Output is always there! Rest of the city - is not an option. Especially if there is a cottage or a house.
Now, even on Sundays you can go on nature. What you need to take to the road? The first thing to think about food on vacation. After all, all day air, one to eat.
There are two options: kebabs and sausages. If you need to pre-cook kebabs, marinate the meat in the evening, then sausages - the fastest way to gather for recreation. If you gather up the wood will not work, you have to take themselves.
Of course we take with a salad and condiments. Cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes - who you like. Disposable tableware and napkins with a stock take.
Do not forget about your friends! For active recreation is recommended to take badminton, volleyball or soccer ball.

Sea Leisure

The most desired was and is an annual trip to the sea. During the year save money, prepare to at a certain time the whole family or a single trip on the sea shore.
The choice is wide: the Crimea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, exotic island. Where to go once you can decide. But our goal is to help you make your choice.

So if you're just going to relax for the first time at sea and passports to travel abroad yet, the answer is obvious. You will shine just as long as the Crimea. Even those who travel abroad often come back here, in this paradise of Ukraine, with its lush palm trees, forested mountains and turquoise beaches.
But Crimea is large and where stop. If you chose the South Coast (the southern coast of Crimea), even if B is in Alupka, then one day you can visit in different places, ranging from Yalta, with its famous promenade and Nikita Botanical Gardens, and ending with his Semeizom wondrous beauty.
Where to stay in villages or private recreation centers, everyone decides on their taste and budget. Can and a five star hotel would be money. On holiday abroad will be discussed in future editions of our online magazine.
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