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Earn on the Internet is real!

"In all labor there is profit: but the only damage verbiage" - said one authoritative book.
Can I make money on internet? Yes, it's real! You need to have a website and sell advertising on it or link.
The site should be of high quality. If you copy it from another site, then search engines will notice if your resource will not be good reputation or goodwill. If you have a good site, it goes to the search index, that is, visitors will find the resource a search query on Google or Yandex. The closer the site is to the first positions of search results, the more likely that Visitors will enter on your creation. And if the resource is in the top ten, then it is guaranteed visitors and revenue. But that site in search results than was possible earlier, it is necessary that the resource has had a good rating, so-called PR and TCI. This is the page rank from Google and thematic index of citing from a Yandex. PR is from 0 to 10. A TCI - a number from 0 to several tisyach.
These values ??depend on the number of sites linking to your site. The more resources you refer to, the higher your rating, that is, PR and TCI.
And besides, the site should be optimized for a particular search query. Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is required for promotion. Interesting resource you can use an automatic system of promotion
this system are both novice and experienced optimizers. The system selects the tested sites, places them on your links (links to your site) with your query. Commission system is 10%.

You are free to buy links on other sites, as well as sell them on its use exchange links
Then your earnings depend on the number of outstanding options at your site and the rating of pages that host links. The more pages and higher their PR and TCI, the greater is revenue. For example you have a PR = 1 and TIC = 0, the value of links about 3 rubles. Site on 50 pages. Income of about 500 rubles a month. Increase the number is now up to 500 pages or 10 sites and make profit is 5000. And then? Increase PR pages, then the price will rise for the link. The more links - more revenue. You may be 1,000 and 10,000 pages. Even if the PR is zero you can sell links. TCI pump to be mainlink

Another requirement to resources for selling links is their age more than six months.
I recommend to register second level domains. They are more in demand than the third.
And hosting is better paid. You will be free to only if the site is in the directory of Yandex, which is not so easy to get.

have a hosting company AvaHost you can buy best plan for placement more than 10 sites, the so-called reseller account, which is much cheaper than buying separate hosting 10.

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